We consider it to be the major goal of our program to have you use Arabic in as large a variety of real-life situations as possible. To that end, our Arabic courses have been designed to build fluency in both the spoken and the written language. Communication in a warm and relaxed environment is an important feature of our programs, as is homework, which includes exercises for review and practice of the material taught in class. Moreover, by keeping the class size limited to ten students, we ensure that each student will be able to actively participate.

Beginner level                         Elementary level



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Our beginner Arabic course is 36 hours long and divided in 3 independents Units.

Level 1.1 : Absolute beginner ( 12 hours over 6 weeks) Language levels skills

Level 1.2 : Breakthrough ( 12 hours over 6 weeks)                                                  
Language levels skills 
Level 1.3 : Survival ( 12 hours over 6 weeks)

Entry level: No previous knowledge is required.

This course aims to teach complete beginners the basics of Arabic in the four linguistic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Students will also be introduced to Arabic and Islamic culture.


Vocabulary and grammar will be presented in a communicative way using social contexts to make the lessons interesting and lively.  Students will learn to express themselves in a variety of situations.


The emphasis will be on the spoken language as well as proving a foundation for basic Arabic writing.


-  Using both spoken and written Modern Standard Arabic.

-  Identify spoken words by part of speech.

-  Distinguish between nominal and verbal sentence structures.

-  Read and write the complete Arabic alphabet.

-  Proper pronunciation and the development of conversational proficiency are strongly emphasized as a      foundation for further learning.
-  Demonstrate a sound basic familiarity with Gulf Arab Countries history and culture.

Place of study: London Bridge


I- Talk about yourself

-Introduce yourself
-Express a need
-Talk about what you like and dislike

II-Talk about others

- Describe someone
- Describe your family                                                                      

III-Talk about places and objects

-To localize a place/object
- Make a comparison between places/objects

IV- Shopping

-Ask for a service/product
-Ask for the price

V- Tourism

-At the restaurant
-At the bar

VI-Ask for and give directions

 Course content:





Learn to :

*Introduce yourself

*Introduce somebody .

* Ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics .

*Use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type.

 *Make simple orders and purchases.

*Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.



* familiar everyday expressions .

*Simple questions and instructions.

 *Simple directions from one place to other. 

*Simple answers when making simple orders or purchases.




*What is written on a letter, email, postcards, and sign boards.

 *Questionnaires asking for personal details.



Learn to:

* write simple letter, message, note about yourself, somebody, your family.

*Fill in a simple application form asking for your personal details.







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Our Arabic course for elementary level is 20 hours long.

Level 2 : Elementary  ( 20 hours over 10 weeks) 
                                                              Language levels skills

Description: This course develops your Arabic language skills by developing your knowledge and understanding of Arabic grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Our Arabic language classes enable you to read and write short and basic message, notes and to communicate on subjects that they are likely to use in everyday situations in Arabic countries.


The aim of this course is to build further on the beginner level work and widen the scope of exposure to more complex aspects of the language.  The teaching will diversify through the use of more elaborate materials and a variety of teaching techniques.  Participants are expected to consolidate their understanding of Arabic and develop further their production and reception skills.



- Engage in simple conversation on a range of everyday topics.

- Building upon the basic foundation provided in the Beginner level.

- Proper pronunciation and listening skills continue to be emphasized.
- Demonstrate a sound understanding of Arabic grammar and syntax.
- Demonstrate basic receptive and productive language skills in a variety of contexts.
- Demonstrate a sound basic familiarity with Arabic history, culture

Place of study: London Bridge




I- Talk about everyday life:

Daily routine

Usual activities

II-Talk about your hobbies:
The weekend

Sports and leisure activities


III-Talk about your feelings

State of mind and physic

Parts of the body

Illnesses and cures

IV- Tourism

- At the hotel
-At the restaurant
-At the bar

- Food and drinks

V-Ask for and give directions

-Ask for and give directions
-Check an information